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Armoring Process

JCBL Armouring Solutions has a standalone reputation of having the finest and most advanced bulletproof car manufacturing process. All the credit goes to its highly dextrous research and development team supported by international technical tie-ups.

Initial Stage : With our own research and development base, we initially design all the pre-requisites  for armouring using an advanced 3D software. Once the blueprint is approved by the professionals, we forward it to precision laser and cutting. At JCBL, we have a reputation of using the finest quality materials which are globally approved from a recognised badge. Before these materials are fitted in the vehicle, independent tests are performed to check if any defect persists. After that stripping of each and every part of the vehicle is done to its bare frame and are aligned individually.

Armouring stage : The second stage is preparing the vehicle for armouring and it begins by removing all the components like interior rim, wiring, carpet, seats etc. from the vehicle’s body. Then the doors, pillars and other cavities are cut open so that armoured lightweight composites can be welded into the voids depending on the protection level.The additional weight is managed by adding extra hinges. The fire wall and rear bulkhead are steel-plated, but the floor and ceiling are generally lined with ballistic fabrics. After that Transparent armour ( popularly known bulletproof glass ) is installed at the front, rear and side glasses. Post which modifications are done to suspension and braking system of the car. We use reinforcing technique to keep control of the added weight of the armour. After that, we move to the Engine Bay Flank Armour protection. To maximise the protection levels, entire engine along with the battery, fuse box and ECM is armoured. Now the installation of high-performance run-flat tyres is made of the vehicle tires. Run-Flat tyres basically enables the vehicle to move even if the tyres are punctured or shot by bullets.

Final Stage : The final stage can also be called as the wrap-up stage. Now, that the vehicle is fully armoured, enhancements are made on the interior front. We at JCBL provide additional fitting in the interior too. It is up to the customer whether he wants to install factory fitted interiors or want to make extra additions to it. Our highly trained engineers pay special attention to minute detail of the vehicle in order to bring an opulent effect. We can also install additional features like sirens, dual door locks, spotlights, operational windows etc to add more utility to the vehicle. After re-assembling of the entire vehicle to its working condition, a very strict quality control test is conducted. All these tests are conducted by a highly trained inspection teams to ensure that decorum of armouring standards, as well as performance and sophistication, is made to the vehicle.


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